Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We woke up to fog and dreariness today, and decided to dispel the gloom with an excursion to a new part of Stockholm and a ´castle´ we had read about. Our target was Åkeshov slott. Once there, we found a lovely manor house. Unfortunately, it was closed to the public except for conferences (which were not ongoing today). We strolled the park nearby, but decided we needed a snack after the cross-town subway trip.

Although the nearby garden shop and greenhouse had a restaurant, it was completely packed. They were having an ´orchid exhibit´... So, we headed down town. And this is what we found...

A cute cafe in an old theater (now church of some sort)! Beautiful ceilings and cheap coffee, with free påtår (refill)!

Creepy artistic shot. can you picture the ghost of a Victorian lady
peeking through the doorway? ... I can...

When we got home, we carved a pumpkin and sliced another one up for soup. Of course we roasted the seeds. We´re going to try the soup in the morning. Well, after Swedish class and a trip to the store, respectively.

No trick-or-treaters here, but we did see a few kids dressed up as who knows what when we were out on our trek to the cafe.

Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

A few more photos from our place

We recently moved to a suburb south of Stockholm from the summer house. I guess we´ve been here since August, but it feels like we just got here.

Here is sour path from the commuter train station into our complex of buildings.

Our neighborhood (or 'kvarter', or block, in Swedish) is named after an old warship that was captured at Narva in 1574 and sank off the coast of Sweden in 1576 (I just looked up these details. Cool!). It has lots of nautical themed decorative elements and sea-creatures abound. Here is the little dragon sea horse type guy that greets us every day when we walk through the entrance-way.

Our apartment is a "two room" apartment, meaning it has two rooms and a kitchen... Also known as a "one bedroom" apartment in the US.

Andy working (in wolf pants!)

Our cute rather big kitchen

These photos are a little old, so I´ll try to get some newer ones up here soon.

Off to museums with my bro!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hello World!

Hi everyone! I'm taking over. This blog. Right.... now!

Stockholm City Hall today at sunset (5.06pm), today, October 28, 2010

So, we have discovered that Andy sucks at the whole blog-at-regular-intervals thing. :)

I'm going to hop in and see if I can add some posts now and then to keep the whole thing rolling. It's not that Andy isn't *allowed* to post, it's just that he usually doesn't.

What's new here, you might wonder? Well, most importantly, *of course*, is that we have our cats with us.

Adorable kitties

And, it SNOWed! On October 21, 2010. Just over an inch! Craziness.
It was beautiful in our local nature preserve, and we had a lovely walk complete with snowballs. The trees still have a lot of orange leaves, so it is an interesting contrast to see.

The "gård" that is at the center of our group of buildings

The view from our balcony / living room (out over the edge of the Rudan nature preserve)

There are lots of other fun new things, but I am just learning how to use blogger, so I'll be back.

Much love to all!