Friday, March 18, 2011

Summer house in winter

It's been a while...
So, to catch up, here is a blog post about our only trip of 2011 so far. A visit to our summer house in Dalarna and our friends there. It'll be more like a photo essay....
Welcome to Furudal!

An important part of our visit was the stop at the local bakery, which has recently changed owners and been renovated. We had to check it out, of course.

We approve.

Oh yes, we do.

Btw, above you see a semla - the delicious treat traditionally served throughout lent. (It started out only being served on Fat Tuesday, but then everyone sort of forgot that 'lent is for suffering' part and decided to eat them all the time). They are simply very good pastries with almond paste inside and cream on top (and a lid on top). [The best way of eating them, in my humble opinion, is with hot milk, in a bowl. Usually they are not served this way, but rather like a normal pastry.]

In addition to eating semlor, we also (very safely, moms) tried our hand at snow mobiling. It was really fun!

You can tell that its a popular way of getting around. This is one of the lakes!

Our hosts!

And was there ever snow! About a meter deep around our summer house. Beautiful!

In nearby Rättvik, a huge ice creation had grown up on the ice. Some how made using the fountain and the cold temperatures (but how exactly?), this structure/mound was more than 4 stories tall!

Someone had even made it to the top with Dalarna's flag!

Thanks for a great weekend, friends!!

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  1. Thanks for finally updating us! Great pics. Hope all is well.